Below are 20 Michigan towns that have had their fair share of being ribbed, harassed, made fun of, picked on, joked about, put down, taunted, needled, ridiculed, and teased, just because of their town name.

There are legitimate reasons for a town name, but some ne’er-do-wells just have to poke fun. Let the record show, these are all cool communities to visit.
Cheboygan County
The name was selected by a Mr. Patterson, who visited Hawaii.

Gladwin County
Named after Beaverton, Ontario.

Newaygo County
Named for Steven Bitely, who built a sawmill there

Van Buren County
Named after sawmill builder Silas Breed

Kalamazoo County
Find out why this town got its name by clicking this link!

Saint Joseph County
Named for the shape of the nearby lake and river

DAFTER (are you daft?)
Chippewa County
Named after the township, but no idea how the township got the name.

FALMOUTH (you got a foul mouth?)
Missaukee County

Dickinson County
Named in honor of Alpheus Felch

Genesee County
Named after Flushing, Long Island, New York.

Leelanau County
Named after John R. Fouch, who settled there in 1866.

GAASTRA (gaastra-intestinal)
Iron County
Named after Douwe Gaastra, a building contractor  in 1908

Schoolcraft County
The name was derived from the last-name initials of eight original 1881 settlers 1881: John Grant, Matthew Edge, George Robinson, Thaddeus Mead, W. W. French, Ezekiel Ackley, Oscar Sheppard, and Hezekiah Knaggs.

Livingston County
In the 1840’s original settler George Reeves was asked by officials what he wanted to name the village he helped start. He replied, “Call it Hell for all I care!”

Saginaw County

Monroe County
Named for Abram Maybee

Sanilac County

MESICK (Who sick? Me sick!)
Wexford County
Named after an original town settler.

Sanilac County

VULCAN (live long and prosper)
Dickinson County
Named after the ancient Roman god of fire.

Visit any of these towns this year and let ‘em know you dig 'em!

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