Another of Michigan's unique town names is 'Aloha'.

The village was settled in 1903 as a lumber community by James B. Patterson. After returning to the mainland from a trip to Hawaii, he was inspired to name his new town “Aloha”.

Aloha sits in Cheboygan County, along the eastern coastline of Mullett Lake. Along with the lumber business, Aloha was also a railroad stop along the Detroit & Mackinac Railway. The depot was very impressive and was a sure lure for contained a lookout tower that allowed travelers to get a bird-eye view of Mullett Lake, the trains, sunsets, and the town. Soon word began to spread, and tourists began flocking to Aloha.

Along with the sawmill and depot, Aloha had a general store and post office. The post office opened on December 17, 1903 and closed on October 12, 1942.

Today it still retains some old town atmosphere along with the state park for the family to enjoy. You'll find Aloha eight miles south of Cheboygan just above the Aloha State Park. The sad part is.....that glorious railroad depot - and tower - were demolished.
They should have been saved and preserved.



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