Felch was a railway depot on the Chicago & N. Branch Railway with an operating post office since 1906. The township of Felch is in Dickinson County in the U.P. and was named after Alpheus Felch. Felch was Michigan's fifth governor and a United States senator. He died in 1896 at the age of 91 and is buried in Ann Arbor.

Just seconds (a half mile north) of Felch is the aptly named Felch Mountain. It's not really a mountain, but it is definitely a steep hill that was dubbed Felch. It's in conjunction with a community called Theodore, so you may get confused while driving thru Felch Mountain and all of a sudden you're surrounded by Theodorites.

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Not much is known about Felch, aside from it's name and that it was a lumber town. It had, at one time, saloons, hotels, stores, shops and many businesses that all went belly-up when the lumber was depleted.

Felch is located on County Road 569. Felch Mountain is just north of Felch off 569 on Norway Lake Rd and N. Felch Mountain Road in Felch Township.

Make sure you drive-thru sometime and say hello to all the Felchpeople. And they will possibly give you a better history of their town than I can.



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