The state of Michigan is absolutely loaded with haunted locations…and I don’t mean the annual “haunted houses” that are put on every Halloween. I’m talkin’ ‘bout the ones that are believed to actually contain some sort of paranormal activity.

The ten locations listed below are just a tip of the iceberg. This is not a Top Ten list, just a list of ten locations, centered throughout the Upper Peninsula, that are worth seeking out for more info and history.

When sightings of this grave first began, a mysterious green glow appeared in the cellar of the orphanage. When the green glow disappeared, the open plot in the cemetery had been cryptically filled in and flowers were lovingly strewn over the grave. Read more HERE.

During Prohibition the Bucket of Blood doubled as a whorehouse, and it’s believed that one of the ghosts that haunt the place is one of the former prostitutes. Another spirit that inhabits the tavern possibly belongs to a past waitress. More details HERE.

A little girl was attacked and eaten by a bear. The bear was hunted down and killed by townspeople. When they cut it open, parts & fragments of the little girl were found inside. Her ghost has been seen wandering the site by a handful of residents & visitors. The story can be found HERE. 

Spirits that is rumored to haunt the town of Shelldrake is an old sea captain, who may have perished when his ship ended up at the bottom of the lake. Boaters who sail by have seen the figure of the captain along the shore…but as they got closer, the apparition disappeared. Find out more HERE. 

On a gravemarker is a purple bubble-shaped figure. Inside the shape, a picture of the girl was set…but when someone looks at it, it is NOT of the little girl…it’s a picture of how she would look if she were still alive. With the girl having died so many years ago, the picture will sometimes depict her as an old woman. The picture has aged just as the girl would have if she’d lived. Details are HERE.

The Nahma Inn is supposedly haunted by Nell Flemming, a former kitchen employee. Current and past employees claim her spirit moves kitchen items from place-to-place and disorganizes things that wind up making it difficult for today's kitchen employees to find things. Get some info HERE.

One little girl went outside to play during a fierce northern blizzard…..but because she stayed out too long, and maybe not bundled up properly & warm enough, the little girl caught pneumonia and died. As a lesson and warning to the other orphans, the nuns put the dead girls’ body on display for them all to see – much to their shock and horror. The tale is HERE.

Locals in Paulding say these lights have been seen ever since the late 1800's and they somehow originate over Lake Superior and come inland.  Is it a railroad brakeman's ghost or the spirit of an Indian dancing atop the power lines? The legend continues HERE.

Sometime around 1968, an NMU female student hung herself from the top bunk in her third floor dorm room. From then on, her ghost haunted the halls. Students who were around late at night would hear the creepy sound fingernails scratching on the blackboards. Read some by clicking HERE.

Shortly after a keeper moved into the lighthouse, strange noises came from the bedroom on the second floor, like furniture was being dragged heavily across the floor, with sounds of loud footsteps. The light switch at the bottom of the tower would mysteriously click on and off and more occurrences. Read more of the keeper’s experiences HERE.

Click on any or all of the above, read the tales and legends, then do some of your own research this Halloween..... and for hundreds more haunted locations throughout the entire state, CLICK HERE!

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