Michigan has more lighthouses than any other state...and it seems they're all haunted, doesn't it?

Well, here's another one of 'em for you to check out: the Eagle Harbor lighthouse in the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Beginning in 1851, there have been a total of three different lighthouses in that location. Of the many, many different lighthouse keepers at Eagle Harbor, three of them were named 'George' and that's what this particular ghost has been named.

George has been known to disconnect the radios of Coast Guardsmen if they're playing rock music. He also loves to startle people by yanking out dresser drawers and letting them crash to the floor.

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The following experience was related by a former member of the Coast Guard: ".....shortly after I moved into the lighthouse, strange noises would come from the bedroom on the second floor, like furniture was being dragged heavily across the floor, with sounds of loud footsteps. The light switch at the bottom of the tower would mysteriously click on and off continually. I could see the light coming on from under the door to the tower on the main floor. When I would open the door and look down, it would stop, until I closed the door. My alarm clock would be in a different spot in the morning, or turned off in the night."

He also says that voices and footsteps would wake him up in the middle of the night, while he was the only one there. He heard the footsteps come up the stairs, down the hall and stop right in front of his bedroom door...then they continued on the ceiling!

Also, at the lodge next door, a ghostly woman has been seen on the porch gazing out at Lake Superior, looking for her husband, who disappeared in a freighter crash. The Coast Guardsman made a comment about one of the lodge guests, saying "A guest once claimed to have seen a ghost in the bedroom late at night, a man in a plaid flannel shirt with no face."

So there ya have it. You can visit this lighthouse and even spend the night in the lodge...all the buildings on the property are said to have paranormal activity...and Eagle Harbor has many, many old houses and buildings that gives you that old 1800's fisherman-town feel!

Check out the photos below!

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