Just about every Michigan University & college has some sort of haunting. Northern Michigan University in Marquette has a few.

At the campus venue, the Forest Roberts Theatre, there seems to be a smidgen of paranormal activity.

The legend says that in the early 1970s, one of the campus janitors was doing a good amount of physical work when he suffered a heart attack in the elevator shaft that connects the theater to the arts building. He was a heavy-set, bearded man with a good sense of humor and was well-liked – and was easily recognizable. However, no one has reported seeing an apparition that fits the janitor's physical qualities....but strange things have happened after his death.

During evenings and overnights when classes are all finished, hallway video cameras have captured the elevator to seemingly run on its own accord. It changes floors, doors open with no one inside, and the operational lights turn on and off.

Speculation says the janitor's spirit finds it difficult to stop doing his daily/nightly routines and still performs his duties.

There was another haunting at NMU but this one will be difficult for an investigation because the hall has been torn down. The old Halverson Hall had a ghost of its own. Sometime around 1968, an NMU female student hung herself from the top bunk in her third floor dorm room. From then on, her ghost haunted the halls. Students who were around late at night would hear the creepy sound fingernails scratching on the blackboards.

Unfortunately, Halverson Hall was torn down to make room for new residences. Whether the ghost lingered and began to inhabit one of the new buildings is unknown at this point. However, the Forest Roberts Theatre still stands, if you wish to pay a visit and see if you witness anything paranormal.

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