Okay, some people wanna believe this is still a mystery; that it’s the ghost of a railway brakeman, or aliens, or whatever, that stalks the town of Paulding, Michigan, smack dab in the middle of the Ottawa National Forest in the U.P.

Some investigators claim to have solved the mystery, others dismiss any so-called “explanations” saying these lights are truly some kind of paranormal, alien or supernatural occurrence.

Anyone can take a trip down this particular road at night and see these ‘lights,’ located at Old US 45 and Forest Highway 181, Bruce Crossing, south of Paulding.

If you travel here to see for yourself - which you more than likely WILL witness - the Michigan Forest service has signs that tell you the exact spots to see these lights. The lights are usually white or red, sometimes even green...and no, they're not the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis...these are balls of light that seem to float along the telephone wires.

What are they? Locals in Paulding say these lights have been seen ever since the late 1800's and they somehow originate over Lake Superior and come inland. Various legends have developed concerning the lights. Is it a railroad brakeman's ghost or the spirit of an Indian dancing atop the power lines? Well...I feel it's nothing but headlights (white) on the road far ahead coming toward you and tail lights (red) driving away from you. (But what about the green lights? THAT I dunno.) Some investigators claim that's exactly what it is...car lights...but locals still firmly believe it's something supernatural.

People who witness these lights seem astounded, probably because they’ve read the legends far ahead of time so they can get psyched up about the whole thing.

Find out for yourself on your next Michigan roadtrip...whether you believe or not, you'll still have a lotta fun!

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