The state of Michigan is absolutely loaded with haunted locations…and I don’t mean the annual “haunted houses” that are put on every Halloween. I’m talkin’ ‘bout the ones that are believed to actually contain some sort of paranormal activity.

The ten locations listed below are just a tip of the iceberg. This is not a Top Ten list, just a list of ten locations, centered in Michigan's Thumb, that are worth seeking out for more info and history.

People say they have witnessed the figures of young school-age boys running through the graveyard every Wednesday night at Midnight. It's believed they are the spirits of the Wilson boys who died in a fire. The tale can be found HERE. 

There are tales of patient escapees who head into the woods and are never found...but these escapes seem to trigger weird occurrences: murders, neighborhood belongings being stolen and/or disappearing and strange visions (apparitions?) seen throughout the woodsy area. One tale in particular says an escapee did in a neighbor with a hammer. Click HERE to read more.

This ghost has been given the name 'George' and is believed to have been a guest who died during his stay at the hotel. Okay, so why does he hang around? There are two theories: 1) he was murdered and can't leave until his murderer is discovered and 2) he hangs around for the hotel's famous broiled chicken. More can be found HERE.

Getting touched by cold hands, a female apparition leaning over the lighthouse platform, human shapes on the lake with no rippling effect, objects that move by themselves, a shadowy figure of a man walking completely off the dock and vanishing into the water, and voices that come from the shadows telling you to leave immediately. Details are HERE. 

The legend says Ira, who was a violent man to begin with, was killed in a fight out in the parking lot and ever since has caused paranormal occurrences in the restaurant. Find out more HERE. 

Employees stated they would see – what they thought were - potential customers walking through the store looking at stuff, but upon approaching them, they disappear. Due to the weird occurrences they experienced on the main floor, there was no way they were going to venture into the basement. Click HERE for the story.

The cemetery has long been rumored to be haunted by the disappointed souls of Ora Labora with the usual occurrences: noises, voices, footsteps, orbs, ethereal white human figures, and occasional touching by unseen hands. Discover more HERE.

Early settlers decided to have a little party on this rock, but were warned by the tribes that it was a sacred place, not to be disrespected. Ignoring the warning, the men went anyway. That night, as they were still partying into the late hours, a storm came up. A lightning bolt struck the boulder, killing everyone on it. So now is the rock cursed or haunted? Read more HERE.

Minnie Quay’s ghost has been seen walking the shoreline...her mournful cries of sorrow have been heard coming from the cemetery late at night as she still waits for her lover who will never come back. Young women from Forester claim that they've seen the apparition of Minnie beckoning them to the waters as if inviting them to join her at the bottom; one girl went so far as drowning herself after saying she saw the ghost of Minnie drawing her into the water. The legend is HERE. 

Apparitions that have been seen are those of escaped slaves, a man dressed in a 1940’s tuxedo, a young girl, and an old man. One of the haunted legends say that a handful of drunks and a bar maid were killed in a fire in the front section of the bar. To this day, guests swear they’ve heard screaming and moaning from the ones who perished in the fire. Click HERE for info.

Click on any or all of the above, read the tales and legends, then do some of your own research this Halloween..... and for hundreds more haunted locations throughout the entire state, CLICK HERE!

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