In Tuscola County is the town of Millington. Among the old buildings that still dot the downtown area is a brick building that was once a butcher shop.

It is now known as Fairway Discount Store, even though it's been closed for a while.

When it was still doing business, employees reported items flying off shelves...but that ain't all. While putting items back on the shelves, they say they felt warm breathing on the back of their neck; when they turn to look, no one is there.

How about apparitions? Employees stated they would see potential customers walking through the store looking at stuff, but upon approaching them, they disappear.

Due to the weird occurrences they experienced on the main floor, there was no way they were going to venture into the basement. The atmosphere had a negative energy to it and if someone needed to go down there, they never went alone.

Who haunts it? What's the reason? No explanation is available.

The building still stands, and I suggest if your curiosity gets the better of you, seek out the owner and arrange your own tour. Just don't attempt it by yourself.



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