Here's yet another 'haunted Michigan' location that has garnered it's fair share of spooky stories over the years...

The Caro State Hospital in Tuscola County was established in 1914 as a colony for epileptics. As the years pushed on, new treatments for epilepsy were making the need for epileptic facilities obsolete; therefore, the Caro Center was turned into a psychiatric hospital.

The creepy happenings involved with the place began to spread through the local grapevines and the tales still circulate among those who have been in/near the area.

There are tales of patient escapees who head into the woods and are never found...but these escapes seem to trigger weird occurrences: murders, neighborhood belongings being stolen and/or disappearing and strange visions (apparitions?) seen throughout the woodsy area. One tale in particular says an escapee did in a neighbor with a hammer.

Inside the old hospital are the usual happenings: creaks, groans, slams, whispering, disembodied voices, footsteps and more. 

The hospital has been operating over 100 years and is the second largest Tuscola County employer. There is a "Save The Caro Center" campaign going on to save over 360 jobs. If Michigan constructs a new center, they are pushing for it to be built in Tuscola County to help save the economy. Check it out.