An empty restaurant sits on the shore of Lake Nepessing just a tad southwest of Lapeer in Lapeer County. The restaurant was called Castaways and had been a hotel among other businesses over the years. Legend says the building was also used as a bordello many decades ago.

Former employees of the property have reported a handful of phenomena:

1) A sensation of cold hands as you approach the stairs that lead to the roof
2) An apparition of a female leaning over the lighthouse platform
3) Human shapes on the lake with no rippling effect
4) Objects that move by themselves
5) Shadowy figure of a man walking completely off the dock and vanishing into the water.
6) Voices that come from the shadows telling you to leave immediately

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So what is causing these incidents?
Did some things occur here many years ago that were never reported?

Read about a Castaways investigation performed by a paranormal group by CLICKING HERE.

As always, if you decide to visit, get permission to investigate inside, otherwise you risk prosecution. Outside shouldn't be a problem unless there are signs telling you otherwise. Be polite and respectful.

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