We’ve gone over Michigan’s Highest Point – Mount Arvon – and Michigan’s Second Highest Point – Mount Curwood. Now, here is Michigan’s Third Highest Point, Government Peak.

Government Peak was once considered to be Michigan’s #1 highest until a survey discovered Mount Curwood was higher. Then years later, another survey was taken where they found that Mount Arvon was even higher than Curwood. So, as of the 2020s, those are the three highest points in Michigan: Arvon, Curwood, and Government.

Government Peak lies right in the center of the Government Peak Trail in Ontonagon County, just below the Keweenaw Peninsula. It’s part of the Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State Park, north of Summit Peak and south of the Escarpment. Like Mount Curwood, once you reach the top, there is not much of a view, as it’s shrouded by woods.

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Government Peak is surrounded by many little lakes (including Lake of the Clouds), which rises 200 feet above them all. If you trek there during summer months, the bugs and skeeters may became unbearable, as there’s a swampy patch of land nearby. There might also be parts of an old fire tower there, unless someone has taken ‘em away. Yeah, you’ll need a ticket to enter the park but it’ll be worth it.

The only way to get to the peak is to take the Government Peak Trail. If you take a look at the photo gallery below, you’ll see a satellite photo of how desolate it is…but it will be worth the hike. I suggest going in the fall when there’s less humidity, cooler weather…and less insects.

Michigan's Third Highest Point: Government Peak


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