Once it was considered to be the highest point in the entire state of Michigan…and it was deemed so for many years. And then, someone decided another survey needed to be done, which resulted in losing the title.

The point in question is Mount Curwood in Baraga County. Once the highest place in Michigan, now it has to be content at Number Two. To add insult to injury, it only misses being the highest by about a foot, at an altitude of 1,978 feet. After a new survey was completed in 1982, it was discovered that nearby Mount Arvon was taller, at 1,979 feet high.

Named for Michigan author James Oliver Curwood, Mount Curwood (often misspelled as ‘CARwood’) sits in the Huron Mountain range in L’Anse Township…..and it shouldn’t be too surprised to be replaced as #1. After all, Curwood replaced another mountain as the ‘highest’ back in the 1950s. Government Peak in the Porcupine Mountains was considered Michigan’s highest until a re-survey proved it to be false: Mount Curwood was taller. Then thirty years later, the title was again transferred to Mount Arvon.

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Sure, Mount Arvon gets most of the attention these days, but the road to Curwood is harder to get to. Rough, rocky roads await your vehicle. Parking the car and taking an old lumber trail, you walk uphill until you see the USGS benchmark stating ‘Mount Curwood.’ When you see a metal box attached to a tree, look inside; there’s some paper where visitors sign their names.

The Curwood view is shrouded by trees, but it feels more remote with a type of silence only the wilderness brings. Visiting both Curwood and Arvon should be on your list, but you just might walk away enjoying Curwood a little bit more.

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