Lying within the Huron Mountain Range in Baraga County is the highest point in Michigan: Mount Arvon.

Mount Curwood was thought to be the highest point until a new survey in 1982 was was revealed that Arvon is eleven inches taller than Curwood, reaching 1,979 feet above sea level. It's the 38th highest point in the United States.

Best time of year to visit? Fall. Not as much mud, mosquitoes, or humidity. Even though the property is owned, visitors are welcome.

This is another one of those UP places where it will be one heck of a trek to make your destination. It is tucked away deep in the wilderness, 27 miles from L'Anse. Once you accomplish all the twists, cutoffs, side roads, forks, and turns while driving, there is a small place to park. Get out and hike for two miles – there are signs to guide you along the way. Plus, secluded waterfalls and great scenery are at just about every turn. Watch for wild moose that like to hang out by the water.

Once you've reached the summit, you are greeted by a 'congrats' sign and a mailbox to leave any small remembrance of your visit. When you return to your vehicle, drive to the Visitor Center; they will award you a certificate for making it to the top.

The route to the top is complicated. You can see the detailed instructions HERE.

Always leave these places the way you found them...unless you pick up litter left by some careless visitor.

The Highest Point In Michigan

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