The Pennsylvania man had been on the run since 1971.

Real talk - this sounds like an episode of Unsolved Mysteries, but it's not, and it's local - the Federal Bureau of Investigation has arrested a 68-year-old Pennsylvania man right here in Grand Blanc.

Leonard Rayne Moses is in custody after escaping from prison in 1971 while serving a life sentence for first-degree murder. He was charged with throwing Molotov cocktails into a home in Pittsburgh during the riots in 1968, where a woman died as a result.

Moses was allowed to attend his grandmother's funeral in 1971; he used that opportunity to escape law enforcement officials and has been on the run ever since. He's been using the name Paul Dickson and was working as a traveling pharmacist when he landed here in Genesee County.

From FBI Pittsburgh Special Agent in Charge Michael Christman:

 “I hope this arrest brings some closure to the family members of Mary Amplo, who was killed back in 1968. Mr. Moses will now have to face justice for her murder. Through coordination with the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office and our partners in Michigan, we were able to identify Mr. Moses using the FBI’s Next Generation Identification system. It’s these new advances in technology that the FBI must continue to identify and use to make sure those who commit crimes are brought to justice.”
Moses is being housed at the Genesee County Jail until he can be extradited to Pennsylvania. He could walk free, however, after a 2012 Supreme Court decision that says that juveniles sentenced to life in prison is considered cruel and unusual punishment - Moses was 17 when he was convicted.
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