Kewadin sits in Antrim County's Milton Township, at the northern tip of Elk Lake. “Kewadin” means “northwest wind” and was named after a Chippewa chief.

Throughout the centuries through the late 1800s, the area was comprised of Native Americans. In 1856, Charles Avery bought up patches of property in the area, and dubbed it “Indian Town”. However, no white man settled there until 1876.

In 1883, Kewadin acquired its first post office with George Wyckoff as postmaster. By 1910 there was a population of 38. With the addition of a machine shop, restaurant, shingle mill, and two stores, the amount of residents rose to 150 by 1918.

There has been a lot of history written about Kewadin's surrounding areas: Elk Rapids, Torch Lake, Milton Township, Antrim County.....but not very much about Kewadin, aside from the casinos that bear the name.

The Oasis Red Bull Tavern that sits at the Kewadin junction of Cherry Avenue and Cairn Highway has a nifty little ghost story that dates back to 1932. You can read about it HERE.

Kewadin remains an unincorporated community with many descendants of the old tribes living there. It's a good place to add to a roadtrip and visit with the locals!



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