Northern Michigan has literally thousands of ghostly tales, rumors, and legends. One such tale comes from the town of Kewadin, located in Antrim County, 21 miles northeast of Traverse City.

Kewadin's Oasis Red Bull Tavern has a legendary haunting that has been written about several times. It was built in 1932, during Prohibition and The Great Depression. These two events may have been factors as to why a man was hung in the cellar of the Oasis. Was he forced to kill himself by gangsters who controlled the booze during Prohibition.....or was he despondent over the Great Depression and decided to end it all?

What's curious is the fact that he was hung just after the tavern opened. Why would he do that when the business just got started? No one is even clear if the man was the owner or an entirely different person.

Whatever the reason, not long after the man was found hung, the weird stuff started to happen. Footsteps were heard throughout the building at night after closing. Items were being moved by unseen items, storeroom inventory, chairs, etc.

At a time when there was no air-conditioning, cold bursts were felt upon people's necks, even in temperatures over 90 degrees.

These days, footsteps are still heard, objects still move, and lights and other electric devices turn themselves on & off.

The Oasis haunting is well-known in Kewadin. If you take a drive there and pay a visit, you may experience something, or at least the staff can regale you with their paranormal stories...

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