What Flavor is Faygo Red Pop? If you look it up online, it will say “strawberry” but that is incorrect. Cherry? Nope. Raspberry? Uh-uh.

So what is it? When a Faygo executive was asked that question, he says Faygo had to describe it somehow, so they claim it's 'strawberry', even though it isn't. The actual flavor is a secret (he says).

Which brings me to another question: What flavor is Rock 'n Rye Faygo?

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The original Rock & Rye beverage (not Faygo) was an alcoholic drink that contained rye whiskey, rock candy, herbs, fruit flavoring, and chunks of fruit that settled on the bottom of the bottle. Faygo Rock 'n Rye is non-alcoholic and tastes like.....well, to me it always tasted like a cream cola. Mix Coke and cream soda together and you get Rock 'n Rye. But Faygo says it's more of a vanilla-cherry flavor.

The Faygo factory is located at 3579 Gratiot Avenue in Detroit; it was purchased by Faygo in 1935 and is still in use. It is claimed that our Midwest term for a carbonated beverage - “pop” - came from Faygo: the sound the original glass bottles made when opened.

The gallery below takes you inside the Faygo factory and shows you around...then come back here and check out these other articles about Faygo to have some fun...and learn a little more!

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