What's another favorite Michigan product? FAYGO POP. How can we not honor this Michigan favorite? It comes a close second to Michigan's #1 favorite pop, Vernors.

According to faygo.com, it was in 1907 that Ben & Perry Feigenson (pronounced FAYgenson), began making soda pop. They were bakers and they came up with the brilliant idea that their various flavors of frosting might taste good in a drink...and they were right. Their new venture needed a new name..."The Feigenson Brothers Bottling Works" was the name they came up with, shortened in the 1920's to "Faygo."

The brothers delivered their soda pop in their Ford truck from shop to shop, house to house and kept coming up with new flavors throughout the 1930's.


When the 1950's rolled around, TV was the place to go for their advertisements...and they came up with some memorable ones for the next couple of decades:....The Faygo Kid with Black Bart, "live it up-up-up with Uptown" and the famous "Faygo Boat Song" ('Remember When You Were A Kid')  among others. In the 1960's, their famous strawberry pop was re-named "Red Pop" and featured in commercials of it's own.

By the time the 2000's rolled around, Faygo had added many, many more flavors to it's roster...fortunately for us who LOVE Faygo pop. My favorite Faygo flavors have always been Creme Soda, Rock & Rye and Grape... Go grab YOUR fav'rit Faygo pop and enjoy the gallery below of some vintage Faygo memorabilia (and commercials) and see the Feigenson brothers themselves back in 1900!



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