With all the craziness taking place in the world these days, could it be possible that someday robots will take over the restaurant industry?

I suppose anything is possible, but are we ready for restaurant robots?

With all the technology out there, it's not hard to understand that tech companies are working hard to make things better and better all the time.

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I've yet to see a burger flipping robot who can do it all. We're talking about robots that can flip burgers and deliver food to tables. And what about robot bartenders?

According to the website fast casual.com:

Cecilia.ai is a smart, interactive bartender that can be placed almost anywhere, serve mixed drinks in less than 30 seconds, and give customers guidance about the menu using AI and speech recognition.

Can we talk about a robot pizza maker? Can you imagine going into your favorite pizza joint and ordering two large pizzas and watching a robot put it all together in minutes.

With all the restaurants out there struggling for workers these days, it might just come down to restaurant robots taking over to complete the job of not only one person, but perhaps two or three people.

Here's something you may find interesting courtesy of fastcasual.com:

Kitchen Robotics. The startup, founded in 2018, developed Beastro, a robot built for "Dark Kitchens." The Dark Kitchen, also referred to as ghost kitchens and virtual kitchens, is a kitchen space devoted exclusively to delivery-only restaurants, a trend that has seen a meteoric rise since the global pandemic began in 2020.

Robots are out there doing all kinds of interesting things at restaurants across the country, but are we ready for restaurant robots in the Michigan Industry?

Time will tell!

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