Does your dream job consist of moving out to sunny California and working for your favorite celebrity?  Well, it will depend on which celebrity because there are the good and there are the bad.

Over the years, reports have surfaced about some celebrities who are a delight to work for, and then there are those who are a nightmare to work for.
More bad celebrity bosses found here.

This is going to be fun because I have a list.

Let us start with comedians.  You may think that because they are so funny that working for them would be a riot, but that is not necessarily true.

Mike Myers who gave us Waynes World, and Austin Powers is said to be a moody and temperamental control freak.  Cast members and crew were shocked by all of his demands, but the guy is funny.

Ben Stiller is another funny guy, but not to work for.  You are given a rather long list of demands you have to follow and that includes making his ice tea just right, oh and don't forget to wipe the condensation off the glass before handing it to him. You don't want to get yelled at.

Jim Carrey is hilarious but not when you work for him.  The comedian tends to burn through assistants at a pretty fast rate.  I guess that is what happens when you 'forget to pay your staff.

Katie Couric is another person who is difficult to work for, and that's putting it mildly.  While she was a co-host on the Today Show Katie burned through more assistants than anyone else.  I had a friend who worked at NBC at that time and he said that those rumors were true.

More bad bosses include Kathrine Heigl, Russell Crowe, Sarah Jessica Parker, and even Mariah Carey.

This is the reason I don't like to meet celebrities, I just know it would be a letdown.

On to the nice celeb's.

Ellen DeGeneres is beloved by many, but some say they haven't seen that side of her.  My daughter Carson saw the nice side and the generous side of Ellen.

Carson was living in L.A. and working for The Container Store.  For Christmas, the store wrapped up boxes for display, and my daughter put on the fancy bows on the packages.  Some Ellen Show staff members saw those bows and invited my daughter to come to the studio and wrap up Christmas boxes to decorate the set. So Carson and a co-worker went to the studio ready to get to work, but no one knew where the boxes were.  So the 2 of them just sat and waited, that's when Ellen breezed into the room and after finding out why they were waiting and apologizing to them, Ellen gave each of them a 100 dollar Visa gift card. The girls were thrilled.

Angelina Jolie is so nice to work for her assistant and her former nanny sang her praises.  Jolie is very nice and down-to-earth according to those who work for her.

Oprah is a great boss, no shock there.  Oprah was always trying to get her employees a pay increase, she actually went on strike to get her producers more money and gave increases out of her own pocket to other staff members. That is a good boss.

Kristen Bell and Dax Sheppard are very nice to work for.  That could be because they are both from Michigan, and we mid-westerners are known for being nice.  Kristen and Dax grew up in the Detroit area and share a love of hockey and The Detroit Red  Wings.  Working for those 2 could mean hockey games and lots of fun.

Singer Jennifer Hudson is a fantastic boss, just ask her assistant.  Hudson gave him a house for Christmas, yes a house.  That is a boss anyone would love to have.

A few more celebrities on the bad boss list, Madonna, born and raised in Michigan, has left a trail of bodies she climbed over or threw under to bus in her rise to fame.

Sharon Stone makes the list and so does Jennifer Lopez.  Jenny from the block goes through assistants at a high rate, which could be because she wants them at her beck-n-call 24/7.

Actor Shia LeBeouf makes the list, a former co-star said if ignorance and arrogance ever had a face it would be that of LeBeouf.

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