According to ordinary websites, they usually say Lake Superior has the clearest water. But according to some who have actually camped in this particular location, they swear the Michigan lake that has the clearest water is Beaver Lake....the one in the U.P.'s Alger County, NOT the one in Alpena County.

I may have to agree with that. I mean, Lake Superior is beautiful with a LOT of clear water, but overall, with all the ships and boats coming through over the last few hundred years, there's plenty of debris and fuel & garbage spillage. So I'll have to go with Beaver Lake.

This is not a scientific study...but it just makes sense.

This Beaver Lake is a full 765 acres located near the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. It's all surrounded by wilderness which may be the cause of it's cleanliness: no nearby homes that could end up releasing waste into the water. No summer getaways, no resorts, no roads, no businesses to spout pollution.....just trails that go around the lake. Another good reason for the clear water is the connection to Lake Superior, via the Beaver Creek.

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Beaver Lake is also a fisherman's paradise. The main catches are rock bass, yellow perch, and logperch. Other plentiful fish include walleye, sunfish, pike, trout, Coho salmon that comes in from the tributaries, and many more.

The lake has a pretty good depth: 39 feet and the shoreline is almost five miles around. There are nearby camping facilities that are highly recommended to anyone who wants to enjoy some peace, quiet, serenity, the beautiful Michigan outdoors, no horns honking, no people yelling, no pollution, no vandalism, and no litter.

The gallery below shows some photos of the lake so you can get an idea how cool a place this is...

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