Everyday when I'm prepping for the morning show, I always check the latest Coronavirus News updates for the Mid-Michigan area. This has been going on ever since the pandemic began over a year ago.

We get all the numbers of how many people have been infected with COVID-19 and that does include children as well.

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According to the Detroit Free Press:

Children aren't immune to COVID-19.  They can get sick, just like adults do.  They can be hospitalized, the same as adults.  And rarely, they can even die.

Michigan's COVID-19 numbers are so high lately that even doctors want to get the message out to everyone that this is putting more and more people in Michigan hospitals.

The Detroit Free Press also tells us:

The state is at a record high for hospitalizations for pediatrics during the entire pandemic and our hospital reflects that, said Dr. Rudolph Valentini, a pediatric nephrologist at Children's Hospital of Michigan and group chief medical officer for the Detroit Medical Center.

In Michigan alone, roughly 45 children were hospitalized as of Tuesday.  In most cases it was for COVID-19 or the possibility of COVID-19.

We all know that people are doing their very best to get vaccinated during these difficult times. You either get the Moderna vaccine or the Pfizer vaccine.  hey have stopped the Johnson and Johnson vaccines due to blood clots found in several women.

We're hoping since Governor Whitmer recommended pausing Michigan youth sports along with indoor dining and in-person learning, that the numbers might start going down in the next couple of weeks.  All we can do is wait, see, and hope for the best.

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