The city of Sault Ste. Marie was founded in 1668 by French missionaries, but there were groups inhabiting the area for longer than the 350 years it’s been a city. It’s the oldest city in Michigan and the third-oldest city in the entire United States.

You really should take time during a northern Michigan roadtrip to check out Sault Ste. Marie…plus these historic sites found there (SCROLL DOWN FOR PHOTOS):

1. The County Court House was built in 1877 and has some awesome statues decorating the lawn: “The Crane of the Sault” and “The Wolf of Rome”.

2. The 1910 Federal Building is in the eastern downtown section, now used for City Hall. It was once used as the post office as well as government business. Located at 225 E Portage Avenue.

3. Fort Brady was constructed in 1822 by General Hugh Brady in 1822 on the St. Marys Riverbank. Located in downtown Sault Ste. Marie on Historic Water Street. The fort is gone, but a replica picket fence stands in Brady Park to give you an idea of the size of the fortification.

4. The original Holy Name of Mary Pro-Cathedral was built in 1668 by missionaries; the current cathedral was built in 1881, the fifth church since the original. Located on Portage Ave. next to the Tower of History.

5. In 1892, Fort Brady built a new fort along the St. Marys River. Today it is used as Lake Superior State University. If you visit, you’ll see many of the old officer’s housing still being used.

6. Established in 1874, Maple Ridge Cemetery is located at 1512 Ashmun St, just outside of downtown. It shut down in 1901 thanks to more & more people moving to the area. Residents are now buried in Riverside Cemetery.

7. On Dec. 31, 1927, the Ojibway Hotel opened for business, thanks to the only Michigan governor to come from the U.P., Chase Salmon Osborn. He donated the land and $50,000 to have it built. These days, it's the Ramada Plaza (Ojibway) Hotel.

8. The Soo Locks were originally constructed as the State Lock in 1855 by the State of Michigan.

Take a look at the photos below and check ‘em out!

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