What makes Faygo soda pop so irresistibly delicious? And what is Faygo's most popular flavor?

Personally speaking, I would have to choose Faygo's red pop. It's the closest thing we can get to strawberry flavored soda from Faygo, even though you can no longer get strawberry soda.

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According to mlive.com:

 Faygo's original three flavors in 1907 were Grape, Strawberry and Fruit Punch. You can no longer get Strawberry, although some would argue that's what Red Pop is.Mar 14, 2017

Are you ready to try a new fan favorite flavor of Faygo? How about Jazzin' Bluesberry? This Faygo soda pop is currently on store shelves in Michigan.

mlive.com tells us:

Even though the blueberry Faygo pop flavor was not being sold in Michigan, it never actually went away. It’s one of a handful of flavors sold in southern states of the country, but people in Michigan had been requesting it for a while, so Faygo decided it was time to bring it back north.

Variety is the spice of life and so are the different flavors of soda pop from Faygo!  I would like to try "Jazzin' Bluesberry" before they're taken off store shelves in a few months.

Jazzin' Bluesberry is available for just a limited time on grocery store shelves. So if you're ready for a new Faygo flavor, then I think this is a great choice.

The next time my wife and I go grocery shopping at Kroger, we're going to look for Jazzin' Bluesberry, and pick out several other Faygo flavors.

With Labor Day weekend coming our way very soon, the plan is to barbeque hamburgers, hotdogs, and chicken, and then drink Faygo soda pop during our family get together.

Let's all sing along to the old Faygo pop theme song:

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