Vacationing in a yurt?  Would your family be up for it? Would YOU be up for it?

First of all, let me tell you what exactly a yurt is. It's not like the usual B&B you may have stayed at in the past.

Traditionally, a yurt was a portable, round tent covered with skins or felt and was used by nomadic groups in Central Asia. Well, things have changed a bit. The modern yurt is a structure that consists of an angled assembly or latticework of wood or bamboo for the walls, a door frame, and windows all around. Now the roof structure of the yurt is often self supporting, but larger yurts may have supporting interior posts to support the crown....(fyi not a real crown). Basically, it's a circular house.

If I haven't lost you yet, you must be a vacationer that likes to explore different areas and have unique experiences.

Have I got the vacation destination for you, then. It is a yurt located in the center of the Leelanau Peninsula in Michigan. This AirBnB provides a perfect location for many really cool things to do and see in this famous tourist area. Also, the yurt is located on a working goat farm (watch where you step). How cool is that!

The wooden yurt features a beautiful, modern bathroom and private bedroom with a full bed. Want to have guests while vacationing in your yurt? There is a full size futon in the main room for extra guests.

The yurt is not a large one. It has a total of 500 square feet. Also, it's not to far off from the farmhouse, and of course there are the goats.

You are not camping, glamping, or in a fancy bed and breakfast. No sir, you are "Yurting." If that is a word already, I'm declaring that it's one now.

Not sure this is for me. Part of the experience sounds fun, but then you learn about compost toilets and that is where you lose me. However, if you want to vacation "off the grid" this could be for you.

The yurt is available for all seasons, so if you are looking for a new vacation experience this yurt could be right up your ally. You can find more info about it on AirBnB.

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A Look at the Yurt at Spruce Hill Farm

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