What's one of the most beautiful, but least-visited places in Michigan?

Lime Island.

This is an incredibly historical (not to mention, extremely awesome) site that you should definitely travel to. You obviously can't roadtrip there, but you can drive to Raber and charter or navigate a boat across the St. Mary’s River to the island. That's right - no ferry boats, no bridges. This is why not many Michiganders have visited this island paradise.

Lime Island has 1,000 acres with very few year-round residents.

In 1912, with the island growing in population, a schoolhouse was finally built. It opened in 1913, with classes ranging from Kindergarten thru eighth. The island population was still small, so the tiny one-room schoolhouse was also used by the islanders as a barber shop, church, meeting place, social gathering place, and town hall.

By the late 1920's, around 14 families were living on the island. The school classes lasted until the 1960's and shut down for good after the last class (six students) went through (SEE PHOTOS OF THE SCHOOLHOUSE BELOW).

Lime Island remains mostly uninhabited, save for a few residents, campers and wild animals. If you have it in you to charter a boat and make your way over there, you won't regret it. It's truly one of Michigan's rarely-spoken-of treasures.

Wanna know more about Lime Island? It's about time most of us did! Check out the island's timeline history by CLICKING HERE.


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