Well, here are some new ones that I never heard before.

I happened to come across these two 'haunted' Stockbridge tales recently and thought I would share them with everyone. As always, take these stories with a grain of salt and keep an open mind, as there are some 'haunted rumors' that actually end up being true.

There was someone who recently lived next to the old Caskey Funeral Home (now Caskey-Mitchell) who feels she experienced some paranormal activity in the Home. It was a Saturday night, around 3am, and she and a friend were still awake. They happened to glance over to the funeral home and saw a shadowy figure moving in a window. There were no owners or employees on the grounds and the lights were off...however, a dark, blurry human shape made its presence known. As the girls were uneasily going to bed, the 'shape' appeared right in front of them, in their own bedroom. Needless to say, sleep would be hard to get for the rest of the night. Take a look at the photos. There appears to be some kind of shape up in the funeral home tower. NO KIDDING...take a look below...is this what they saw or just some kind of light reflection?

Now, I have been in that same funeral home a few times, for services of past friends and business transactions for members of my own family. The house can definitely cause a certain uneasiness under the right circumstances.

The second Stockbridge 'haunting' comes from the Emma L. Smith Elementary School. Some recent students believe the school is haunted, especially the bathrooms. The toilets will flush on their own, one at a time. The doors to the stalls will open & close by themselves, with no breeze or vacuum effect causing it. The sink faucets turn on & off by themselves as well.

When the school was built in the mid-1950's, my class was the first ever to begin at the school's Kindergarten and make it through to 6th grade. Remembering when I was a pupil there, I don't recall those particular things happening, but I do remember schoolroom doors not opening when unlocked, classroom items being knocked over & moved when the room was empty, etc.

Anyone else who went to Emma Smith ever heard or experienced anything similar? How about any activity at the funeral home?


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