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Apparently, the majority of Michiganders are living on Mount Crumpet alongside the Grinch because according to a new study from CenturyLink, Michigan is one of the top states with the least Christmas spirit. The website ranked all 50 states based on how much they love Christmas using the following data:

  • Online Activity (Google searches, Google shopping trends, # of Xmas songs streamed, # of Tweets related to Christmas)
  • Area Culture (# of Christmas tree farms and amount of charitable donations)

Based on these things, Tennesse has the most Christmas spirit than any other state while Nevada has the least. Michigan came in at a sad #41 while Ohio was 4th. Really, Michigan?! How did we let Ohio crush us at Christmas? We can't take that smack talk to the football field.

So what does that leave us with? Coal in our stockings, unfortunately. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals grinches.


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