Growing up, you were involved in all different types of traditions for the Christmas season.

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You might have decorated your tree right after Thanksgiving, or traveled to a relative's house every year.

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You may even have quirky Christmas traditions in your family.

Have you ever heard of the tradition of the Christmas Pickle?


What is the Christmas Pickle?

The Christmas Pickle is a tradition that started in Germany. Maybe.

It is an ornament that is shaped like a pickle that is hidden somewhere within your Christmas tree.

The Michigan Outfitter says that the tradition goes like this...

When the children were allowed to view the tree, they would begin searching for the Pickle ornament. The children knew that whoever first found that special ornament would receive an extra little gift left by St. Nicholas for the most observant child. If the family could not afford such extras, the pickle finder was rewarded by being the first to open presents.

It gets even weirder because there is a small Michigan town that is recognized as the "Christmas Pickle Capital of the World".

It's only an hour away from Grand Rapids.

The town of Berrien Springs has that recognition and holds it dearly because they host an annual Christmas Pickle Festival.

Bob Myers, who is a curator of the Berrien County Historical Association, told the Herald-Palladium,

The annual Pickle Festival in Berrien Springs started about six years ago as a Christmas time event. Now it's grown and we have another version of the festival in July.

However, now the celebration happens in the summertime. But all of the love for the Christmas pickle is still in full effect in the town.

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