Michigan is known for its beautiful nature and several state parks but how do you choose just one when there's so many good ones?! I'm not sure how Condé Nast Travel Magazine was able to choose but they named the one they think is the best in the state.

Everyone knows about national parks, but the global magazine decided to highlight U.S. state parks. Considering there are over 10,000 state parks in the country they had their work cut out for them choosing just one in each state. As far as Michigan goes, they gave that honor to Mackinac Island State Park.

As the only park on this list that was once a national park, Mackinac Island has a lot of hype to contend with. Full of sacred Ojibwa and Odawa history, a 240-year-old former British and American military outpost, and miles of hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails, this car-free isle on the western edge of Lake Huron is nothing short of magical.

They aren't wrong with it being *magical.* The last time I was on the Island we rented bicycles and went biking around the island, including the state park. I recommend everyone do this at least once, and if you're not much of a biker, take your time to appreciate the beauty on foot or by horse. No matter what your transportation choice is, the state park at Mackinac Island is a must... plus, there's lots of selfie stops along the way!

According to MackinacParks.com, prior to officially becoming a state park in 1895, it was recognized as the nation's second national park (Yellowstone in Wyoming was the first). As of today, 80% of Mackinac Island State Park is considered state property.

What Michigan state park do you think everyone needs to visit? Let us know in the comments and give the rest of us some summer trip ideas.

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