If you've noticed that you've been getting random text messages regarding a UPS package you need to pick up or that has been unclaimed... you're not alone. I've gotten them too! In fact, I got one just over an hour ago prior to writing this.

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Before tonight's message I got a similar one Friday of last week from the same area code and first three numbers which read,

we found a parcel from April owed to you. Kindly assume ownership and confirm for delivery


I also received a different text type of text on August 20 from a 5-4-1 area code but this one gave me an account ID and said I was selected to win an iPhone 11 PRO. All I had to do was fill out a 1-minute survey.

The similarity between all of these messages is they all have a sense of urgency and provide a link you must click on before it's too late. Obviously, I didn't respond to any of these or click on any links because it's clearly a scam. Plus, I haven't ordered anything online recently so that's the first sign its B.S.

Apparently, this is the latest scam that has been circulating. Several people across the area have reported getting the same thing. The Sheriff's Office and the BBB of West MI are warning residents about it and to be aware of the clues that its a scam. For example, if you aren't familiar with the phone number, the person or the company - these are red flags.

The educational foundation director of the BBB told FOX 17,

When you click on the link, it says it's free to get the package, but they asked for a credit card. There's one reason that people ask for your credit card information: they expect to charge it.

If there is something of importance the business will contact you either via telephone call or e-mail. From personal experience, anytime I've ordered something online, I normally get the tracking number through e-mail unless I personally request shipping info via text.

Some things to remember if you do receive a text scam:

  • don't click the link
  • don't give out personal information
  • block the number

UPS also has a warning about it on their website and how you can avoid falling for these scams. The company says they will never request personal information from you, including account info and financial information.

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