You may remember the Edenville Dam bursting and draining Wixom Lake in Midland County back in 2020. MILLIONS of gallons of water flooded property and homes.....something the locals obviously didn't need, concerning the current times we're living in. It occurred on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 around 5:45 in the afternoon.

Docks and boats were either suspended in mid-air or sinking into the mud.....the lake looked like a creek. Not only that, but the force of the rushing water forced another dam to break.

The cause was unknown, but evidently the dam's previous owner had the license revoked in 2018. They failed for years to make necessary repairs/updates and were ordered to shut down all equipment. For approximately 20 years, warnings were sent that the dam was not up to par.

The photos & videos below show the outcome of the burst dam, and a couple of pictures of what the area looked like before the incident.



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