Just like you should be clearing the snow off of your car this winter, you should also be doing some regular maintenance to your sidewalks and driveways, if you live here in Lansing.

What Are Lansing's Rules About Clearing Snow/Ice Off Sidewalks?

If you're a resident here in Lansing, and we experience snowfall, you have roughly 24 hours to clear the snow off of any sidewalks that may fall on your properties. That snow policy also applies to ice in the same aspect.

Can You Be Cited For Not Removing The Snow and Ice?

The answer is yes.

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Now, the city of Lansing won't typically go out patrolling, looking for people who haven't cleared snow and ice from sidewalks, but you shouldn't make a habit of not clearing your sidewalks.

Are There Fees That Can Be Charged Towards Me?

Another yes answer here, unfortunately.

One Reddit user, found out the hard way that he had to remove snow from their property, as they were sited.

Are There People Out Patrolling For Unshovled Snow

This is where answers get a little sketchy. While the city may patrol on occasion, if you do receive a citation, you probably got a complaint.

Why Is This Important For The Community?

It's a common courtesy, especially for those who venture out and have to walk in the snowy weather. You also don't want someone to slip and get hurt on your own property either.

Just bundle up and grab the shovel or snow blower, you'll save yourself the hassle of any issues in the future.

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