Ahhh...the Michigan Roadtrip. It's something fun to do ANYtime of year.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of things to do in our state. I wouldn't be surprised if there were millions. And where can you see some of these cool things – big, small, or relatively unknown? Why, mostly down the back roads, dirt roads, and side roads.

But don't leave out the major highways either. Even though highways like I-96 and I-94 are traveled wayyy too much, other Michigan highways do have some pretty cool stuff along the roadside to see.

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I have collected 50 such roads, streets, drives, avenues, highways, and even dirt trails that hold some point of interest to roadtrippers. The routes below range anywhere from over 300 miles to less than a mile.

There are routes that take you past small towns and ghost towns, beautiful scenery, historic spots, celebrity homes, a roadside oddity here and there, and haunted locations...there should be something for everybody here. Included is the oldest, still-used road in Michigan.

So the next time you're ready to plan a Michigan roadtrip, check out this list. Keep in mind, the list below only scratches the surface...it's the tip of the iceberg...there are many, MANY more routes and roads of interest. In fact, I might have to do a follow-up someday soon.

50 of Michigan's "Must-Drive" Roads

Gas up the car, grab those road munchies and a roadtrip partner that you can trust, and head out on some of Michigan's most unique roads and routes. Make sure you take lots of photos and video!

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