Is your relationship teetering on collapse? Were you waiting on Christmas to give the gift that will make up for you being a lump of coal all year? You may want to move up your gift giving date if you are planning to save the relationship. According to to social media, the second most popular break-up time for couples is 2 weeks before Christmas. Were are almost there.

The first most popular time is 2 weeks after Valentine's Day. Click here to see the CLASSIC data. 

"Babe, I am going on Spring Break and I need to keep my options open!"

Spring Break is one of the most popular times to break up. You would think that is mostly young people but moms get pretty crazy chaperoning on Spring Break. Like the dads don't.

The study was done a few years ago BEFORE COVID. The pandemic has been a pitfall for a lot of relationships. It has helped couples see who they REALLY are with. When you are forced to spend a lot of time together... You find out who someone really is and what they are about. Break-ups and divorces are through the roof right now. The experts say, it hasn't even reached it's peak yet... but it's about to hit the first wave here. Thursday is 2 weeks before Christmas Eve. Let the BREAK-UPS BEGIN!


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