Just in time for Valentine's Day; if you are wondering what to watch with your valentine this weekend, this might help. Housemade.com made the list of the top Romantic Comedy movies in the nation, and they broke it down not only based on state but also by age too. The results are interesting and you might not be able to guess what Michigan's favorite is.












As you can see from the map above, Michigan's favorite Romantic comedy is actually the one that about 10 other states love and that is.....Bridesmaids. Bridesmaids was the #1 Romantic Comedy for 11 other states including our next door (or lake) neighbor Wisconsin. The movie that came in first in the most states was "40 Year Old Virgin" which was the favorite in 19 other states. Some other movies to have multiple states behind them are: "13 Going on 30," "500 days of Summer," Wedding Crashers," and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."

Some other stats that were also interesting are the age groups that found each movie as their favorite. The site found that if you were surveyed and were born in 1970s, 1980s, or 1990s your favorite Rom-Com was most likely "40 Year Old Virgin." It's probably the reason why it won the poll overall as those years cover a lot of people. It was interesting that if you were born after 2000, most of the people polled picked "500 Days of Summer" which was a movie that came out in 2009 and also didn't come in at the top in a lot states.

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