The Brookside Cemetery, located at 501 North Union Street in Tecumseh, was established around 1853 and has many, many old graves of the early settlers in that area.

If you head toward the rear of the cemetery, you'll see a granite chair with the name "Stacy" on it...this has been known for years as the "Witch's Chair."

The Stacy family was a wealthy family, made up of Judge Stacy, wife Mary and a pack of five children. After the judge passed away, Mary would go visit his gravesite and sit in the granite chair every day for 17 years. The legend says if YOU sit in it, you will die shortly afterward.

As for the witch rumor, one of their children, daughter Loanna, never married and was known as the town spinster and eventually being labeled a witch. She outlived her parents and all her siblings which also aroused suspicions around town of her witchery.....on top of that, locals were getting ill and farm animals were keeling over left & right and the residents began blaming it all on Loanna.

The Stacy mansion still stands in Tecumseh's main area (West Chicago Boulevard), where Loanna's ghost has been seen floating through the halls...but is it Loanna or Mary that occupies the Witch's Chair in Brookside Cemetery?

Why don't YOU go and find out for yourself...

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