Many of us hate to see summer go, but I won't be sad saying goodbye to those pesky mosquitos and other bugs that bite and drive us crazy in the summer.

Michigan is home to many annoying bugs and flying insects. Things like venomous spiders I am always keeping my eyes open for. Yuck.  Not only mosquitoes, but house flies can be very annoying.

Over the weekend I had a few come in from the patio door and they kept flying near my head buzzing, and sitting on my TV screen.  Yep, it's a good thing I had a can of raid under the kitchen counter.

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Bug To Watch Out For In Michigan

Well, there is one bug that has not made its way to Michigan yet, but it is not that far away in neighboring states.  They are called Lanternflies and look like a spotted moth and are colorful to look at.  but if you see any beware, many bug experts want you to kill them.

That’s because spotted lanternflies, known by the scientific name Lycorma delicatula, are highly invasive and damaging to more than 70 species of plants, fruits, and trees. Not only do the insects have voracious appetites, but their feeding process also creates a fluid called honeydew that encourages sooty mold growth that further weakens plants.


This is a problem if these bugs make their way to Michigan, They reproduce really fast and lay tons of eggs that look like clumps of mud. They are likely to attach themselves to people, animals, vehicles, and other moving objects. They also need to rely on human predators.

Where They Can Be Found Now

So far we are safe but be warned that they do reside in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Places like New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Connecticut, and Indiana.  It has been spotted as far west as Kansas.

Not a bug we want in our backyard, If you do see any lanternflies in your area start stomping and swatting.

What's the one bug or insect you hate?

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