St. Patrick's Day.

The day we can all celebrate and pretend we're Irish.

"Kiss Me I'm Irish".

Or at least partake of the festivities.

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Irish jigs, bagpipes (and I'm still confused on that one), and someone somewhere will definitely play House of Pain "Jump Around". Trust me on this one.

The wearing o' the green, green beer, "Erin go Bragh", Jameson's or any other Irish whiskey, Irish Stew, Guinness Beer, Guinness Stew, and of course corned beef and cabbage.

Let's remember to party responsibly and that St. Patty's Day falls on a weeknight this year so don't do it TOO big. And if folks leave work for lunch on the17th and don't make it back to the office, it's a pretty safe bet they are somewhere in a Tavern making merry (and a list of regrets for the night and day after to come).

Here's a St. Patrick's Day question for you and no, it has nothing to do with drinking.

Why corned beef and cabbage on THIS DAY?

Here's some wonderful things I learned after reading an article from NJ Flavor on The History of Corned Beef and Cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day.

  • It's Irish and it isn't. In Ireland, they do the bacon or lamb and cabbage thing. Corned beef and cabbage is "purely for the tourists" according to them.
  • When speaking of the "corned" portion of this combo, it's not really corn we're talking about. Rather the corned sized pieces of salt used in the brining process of the beef.
  • The corned beef and cabbage thing was a meal of Irish immigrants who arrived in America. The meat/brisket/cut of beef that they could get was the cheapest and the cabbage was the cheapest vegetable they could get.
  • Bonus that both could be cooked in one pot.

And for the record, green beer...totally not Irish.

In case you were wondering.

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