With the spread of COVID-19, many events for St. Patrick's Day have been cancelled and "social distancing" is recommended.

I, personally, have more fun at a more casual get-together than a big event so here are some ways to party with "the luck o' the Irish" while still staying at least six feet from everyone else.

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  • 1

    Giant Inflatable Dice

    Have fun with these giant dice that give you a wide variety of activities. Some of the options do say things like "Give a kiss to" or "Do an Irish Jig with" so be sure to take proper precautions with those ones!

  • 2

    Family Card Game

    Some good old family-friendly fun never hurt any body right? Okay...maybe don't answer that, but still, this game promises cards, dice, coins and "a pair of mischievous leprechauns." Also, it only needs at least two-to-four people to play, just enough for a small get together.

  • 3

    Photo Booth

    Let's say your party is actually pretty lame because, you know, quarantining. You can still at least make it LOOK like you had a blast with these photo booth props! Make sure you and your guests only go one at a time and still show you had at least some shenanigans.

  • 4

    Drinking Game

    As if just being St. Paddy's Day isn't an excuse to drink enough, spread out and take turns with your festive friends with this drinking game!

  • 5

    Just Drink

    Let's be real, that's what most of us do for this holiday anyways. All of this social distancing, self-quarantining, working from home or work being cancelled entirely is a great excuse. Have a beer, we all could use one right now.

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