Ever heard of something called wrap rage? It's an actual thing and does on occasion lead to injury.

Wrap rage is a heightened level of anger at the inability to open a package.

You know what I'm talking about too. That birthday presents you've gotten in the past. The jar of pickles jams or whatever. At some point, you just get frustrated and debate throwing the entire thing either against the wall or in the trash.

Here's a list of things that are insanely hard to open, for no reason.

Why Are These Things So Hard To Open? And For No Reason Either!

Okay, maybe a few of these are to protect against theft. But let's be honest here. These things are practically impossible to open, and for no reason either.

Okay, I have to admit, a few of these things are for security reasons, but still. At the end of the day, a few of those packages I just want the packages opened on the first try. I don't want to sit around for ten minutes struggling with a product.

The Bath & Body Works wallflower is my least favorite on this list as well. The first time I even attempted opening one of the refills, I spent twenty minutes twisting the cap the same way you would open many things. Only, Bath & Body Work's wanted to make me sit back and wonder about my life and everything I knew about opening up products.

What do you struggle with opening? There's got to be something that didn't make our list. Let us know in the comments, or in our free mobile app.

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If you also struggle with opening common household things. I did find a video on Youtube, that might help you and your struggling hands. I guess some genius out there invented package openers. I am going to need to get on Amazon now.

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