How futuristic does this sound. Just a scan of your palm and your groceries at Whole Foods are paid for.

This new technology is being tested at the Whole Foods stores in Seattle. No chip needs to be implanted, and this new checkout will be cashier-less. Again it's just a quick scan of your palm.

You can read more about this from the Washington Post.

I have read stories about businesses that put chips in the hand of employees and they are then able to clock in and out or even make purchases with just a wave of their hands.

The corporate headquarters for the Whole Foods grocery store chain is located in Seattle, which is why that area was chosen for this test run. If it proves to be successful, the palm swipe payment will then spread to other locations in the Seattle area.

Our area Whole Foods store is located on East Grand River Avenue in East Lansing, and so far that palm swiping technology has not yet reached our store. Thankfully.

With every bit of new technology it appears more and more "humans" will be replaced. Right now it's cashiers that would be losing their jobs, and then it would be just a matter of time before more grocery store positions are filled with artificial intelligence. For the sake of convenience, more employees will end up losing their jobs and we will lose more personal contact with others.

I would just love to see this new technology stay away from here as long as possible. I have no problem with change, I just don't want to see people losing their jobs so that I can check out faster.

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