There are still a nice handful of old one-room schoolhouses standing in Wheatfield Township in Ingham County. What towns are in Wheatfield Township? Well, currently, there's.....uh.....ummm....well, none I know of (although the township officials live in Williamston, and the township hall has a Williamston address), but the array of schoolhouses spread throughout shows the area was busy at one time, with possible settlements and more than enough kids to warrant all these schools.

Wheatfield Township is located southeast of Lansing, northeast of Mason, southwest of Williamston and due north of Dansville. It was organized in 1841.

The photo gallery below shows the locations of eight one-room schoolhouses that were part of a 1939 Wheatfield Township map.

Take a drive-thru and take some's all closeby and a wonderful little chip of Lansing-area history to savor.


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