As we press on in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to get used to a lot of our favorite things being a bit different.

Simple shopping days now are met with masks, social distancing signs, capacity limits, etc. making many of us turn to the easier, online way of doing things.

Black Friday is known to be one of the biggest shopping days of the year but it is also the day that keeps many brick-and-mortar stores still running. As numbers have been trending downwards for in-person Black Friday sales in recent years, you have to wonder what kind of wrench the ongoing pandemic will throw into that?

My mom, her sister and now my sisters and I all share in Black Friday traditions. When I say my mom is a Black Friday professional, I mean she does not take it lightly and ends up getting about 90% of her holiday shopping done in one day. It's extreme, sure, but also extremely fun!

This year, many stores have already come out and said they will be closed on Thanksgiving day/evening this year...a welcomed change as even in non-COVID times, it was a widely debated phenom.

Here are some other ways Black Friday will be looking quite a bit different from ones in years past:

7 Ways Black Friday 2020 Will Look Different

Recently, Amazon already kicked off the Black Friday-esque online shopping frenzy with Prime Day, Walmart soon followed suit and more and more stores will probably do the same! It's not too early to start looking for that perfect gift for someone on your list and in a year that's been pretty hard financially on many people, getting good deals is more important than ever.

Whatever your plans are for Black Friday this year, it is best to plan ahead and check in on what your favorite stores are doing.

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