When it comes to getting packages delivered, DHL is one of the less common ones when compared to the likes of FedEx, UPS, Amazon, etc. However, the shipping company does have a presence here in Michigan and I think they should try to make it a bit friendlier...let me explain.

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What is DHL?

As mentioned alongside FedEx, UPS, etc., DHL is also a logistics company that, according to the DHL website, employs over 400,000 people around the world and services over 220 countries and territories.

If you've seen their signature yellow trucks with the red logo around Michigan, that is because they have multiple locations around the state, including two DHL Express ServicePoints, one in Grand Rapids and the other in Detroit, as well as DHL Global Forwarding in Romulus.

What's the Difference Between DHL, UPS and FedEx?

Now, you may be wondering why someone would be getting a package delivered via DHL versus one of the other companies. It really comes down to, from what I've personally noticed, where the package is coming from as well as the speed and type of delivery you need.

For example, according to LateShipment.com, DHL has a larger presence, globally, than other companies. They also note DHL has been outwardly committed to cutting down on their environmental impact.

Here is a visual representation of how they all differ, shared by LateShipment:


How DHL Has Handled Deliveries to my Jackson, Michigan Home

Now look, this is not to shame DHL or their hardworking drivers here in Michigan, it's just something I've noticed after a few deliveries...but is it just me or do you feel their approach to actually dropping off your package is a bit "aggressive"?

I say this because the first time I ever got a package delivered by them, they came to the front door of my house and pounded on the door louder and longer than I had ever heard. It scared the bejeezus out of me so I figured they would just drop it off if I didn't answer. I was home alone at the time and the knocking scared me so much, I figured it best not to answer the door. That's when I heard our storm door around the back of the house open and slam shut only to have my package wedged between that and the main door.

It freaked me out a bit as I had signed up online to have a signature-less delivery meaning it could be contactless and left at the door.

Then, just last night, I had dozed off on the couch, knowing I had a package on the way but had, again, signed up for the contactless, signature-less delivery. I was then awoken by the loudest pounding I had ever heard, going non-stop, sounding like someone was breaking in. Then the door bell rang. I was, again, home alone and scared. I stayed frozen on the couch, realized it was probably DHL again and then worried the driver would try to come around to the side of the house that is pretty much all windows.

Luckily, my package was left at the door and the driver went on their merry way but I was still shaking in my boots a bit and continued to be jumpy the rest of the night.

It wasn't that I wasn't grateful for my package being delivered, it was more-so the intimidating, aggressive nature in which it was dropped off.

Have Any Other Michigan DHL Customers Experienced This?

Sure, maybe I sound like a scared little baby, however when you're home alone, it's getting dark out and you hear an incessant pounding on your door that sounds like it's about to break it, it's enough to rattle anyone.

Especially when you compare this kind of knocking to what other delivery services do.

For example, when you get a package from UPS, they give a quick two knocks just so you know it's there (if you're home) and that's that. With Amazon, even, they don't even knock, they just set it there, maybe send a photo and, let's be real here, it wouldn't be surprising to see your package just appear inside your house without you even knowing they were there.

Could it be we've been "spoiled" with these kinds of deliveries? Could it be Michigan DHL drivers just REALLY want to make sure they got you your package?

Chances are probably slim that I've had the same delivery driver each time, right? Maybe it is the same person and that's just how they do it and it's not reflective of DHL in Michigan as a whole...which is why I'm asking all of you, is it just me or have you experienced this too?

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