Something that ALL domestic abuse survivors should be given the opportunity to do.

Yesterday was an emotional day in Macomb County court for Samantha Sonntag. She's a domestic violence survivor; she was married to her husband, Andrew, for seven months. She described it as "seven months of hell."

He was sentenced yesterday - I'm not going to try to describe the legal details (he was first charged with strangulation and then the charges were lessened), which you can read about HERE. But let's talk about the courage of Samantha.

Part of her statement to the judge was as follows:

"There's a monster inside him that only God can release and this monster was released upon me. I still think any normal person would want to know why their husband would try to kill them."

"A simple assault would've been him slapping me in the face, not him strangling me twice, punching me until my face is beat in, and pulling me through a broken glass mirror. There is nothing simple about that." 

"I forgive you Andrew. I can forgive a sick person because you are sick. I can honestly, whole-heartedly forgive you but I cannot forgive  what you did to me."

Bravo, Samantha. You're braver than you'll ever know.

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