Attention all flagpole sitters! (Does anyone even DO that anymore? Even some lame radio deejay somewhere?) Here's one you may or may not wanna tackle...authorities probably wouldn't let you anyway. It's Michigan's tallest flagpole, located in New Baltimore at the foot of Lake St. Clair in the Walter & Mary Burke Park, 36400 Front Street, Macomb County.

Construction on this flagpole ended in October 2016 and looms 160 feet tall. The flag itself is thirty by sixty feet, has eighty tons of concrete holding it in the base, which is seven feet in diameter and thirty feet deep.

It cost $107,000 and guess what? The city didn't need any assistance from any government office, all thanks to the New Baltimore Lions Club.

The flagpole replaced an old water tower that was demolished the year before and is a much better improvement. The water tower was about 500 feet up and around the corner on Front Street.

The gallery below has a good handful of photos...have a look!

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