Is there anything more ironic than a library sign misspelled at the library?

Listen, nobody likes a no at all.  In fact, my life has been a delicate balance of correcting people's spelling and having friends. But this is more than a spelling error on a sign.  The word library was misspelled������on the pavement of the entrance.  The words "LIBRAREY VEHICLES ONLY" are currently in bright yellow paint at the Indianapolis Public Library Services Center on North Meridian Street according to,

Joe Backe, director of communications for The Indianapolis Public Library, acknowledges the error and said it will be corrected.

My favorite part of this story isn't the misspelled word painted on the parking lot.  It's the twitter response from the Indianapolis Public Library, "We don't see what is so funney?  2020.  What can we say?"

The only thing that would have made this funnier is if a library employee were responsible for the spelling error.  It looks like the contractor who painted the bright yellow road marker was the culprit.  That leads to the burning question.  Will the Indianapolis Public Library throw the book at the contractor?   

I'll show myself out.

To make the Hoosiers feel better after reading this article please enjoy this Indiana dancing mailman by clicking here.

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