A 20-year-old college student got the shock of his life when a pumpkin crashed thru his windshield Sunday morning.

Imagine cruising down an interstate like I-70 at 70 MPH at 4 A.M. only to have a huge pumpkin crash through your windshield.  I can't imagine how I would react.  That happened to Caleb Needham who walked away from an incident that could have easily killed him according to WTHR.com,

A pumpkin hit his windshield, blew a basketball sized hole through the passenger side and landed in the empty passenger seat.

You can see the incredible damage done to Caleb's vehicle in the WTHR video below.  Had this pumpkin landed on the driver side of his car this would likely be a very sad story.

Needham realizes that he more than likely was not the only target.  Before his car was hit, the semi in front oh him aggressively swerved and he noticed a smashed pumpkin in the road.

It should go without saying that tossing anything over an interstate overpass is very dangerous.  We're all bored and frustrated with this never ending pandemic.  If you feel the need to do something like toss a pumpkin off of a bridge on to a moving car please just go play video games instead.  Thanks.

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